Tosin Abasi

Animals as Leaders


Tosin Abasi’s unique metal sound comes from his precisionist style tempered with a flexible approach to music. Inspired by Thom Yorke, Mike Enzinger Steve Vai and more, the mostly-self-taught Abasi founded the progressive metal band Animals as Leaders after spending a year studying music at the Atlanta Institute of Music. Following years of experimentation with different instruments and playing styles, Tosin progressed to using extended-range 8-string guitars, including his own Ibanez TAM100 signature model. As he effortlessly switches techniques while playing, Tosin displays the accuracy of a machine yet the creativity of an artist. He prefers to use Line 6 Relay G70 and Relay G55 wireless systems and the Stagescape M20D mixer to enhance his seemingly wild yet extremely controlled approach to metal music.

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Relay G70

Relay G70 gives you next-generation wireless performance and hands-free support for multiple instruments, building on the proven Line 6 digital wireless platform. Relay G70 features a rugged stompbox form factor designed for pedalboard use.


Relay G55

Tour-grade digital wireless in a compact, half-rack format—so you can enjoy wireless freedom without compromising your guitar tone.


StageScape M20d

20-input smart mixing system for live sound. Touchscreen visual mixing, massive DSP processing power and much more.